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How to Forward LCC Email to Your Personal Account
Last Updated 10 months ago

SEE ATTACHMENT for screen shots.

  1. Open an internet browser like Internet Explorer
  2. Navigate to the LCC homepage address:
  3. Use the Quick Find menu (top right) and select email
  4. Enter your username (example:
  5. Enter your password (Don’t know your username & password? Retrieve them here:
  6. Click the Sign in button
  7. Click the Options link (near the top right corner of the page) and select Create an Inbox Rule
  8. Click New (under Inbox Rules) and select Create a new rule for arriving messages
  9. Click the More Options button
  10. Under “When the message arrives,” select [Apply to all messages];
    Under “Do the following,” select Forward, redirect, or send;
    Then select Forward the message to
  11. Under “Message recipients:” type your email address (example:; Click OK
  12. Click the Add Action button
  13. Under the new action, select Move, copy, or delete, then select Delete the message
  14. Enter a name for the rule (example: Forward to Gmail)
  15. Click Save
  16. Click Yes
  17. Click Yes (again)
  18. Double-check the Rule is turned On (indicated by a checkmark)
  19. Click the sign out link in the top right corner of the page
Author: Brandon Ray

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