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Secure92 - Launching Multiple Sessions With lccToolBook
Last Updated 5 years ago

The lccToolBook application is helpful for launching programs. It can re-launch (multiple sessions) the same program. Secure92 is a good program to utilize this ability.

For example, by launching Secure92 more than once, you could look up two students at the same time, or look up information about transcripts on one, and then degrees on another.

If you have multiple monitors, See Windows - Moving Across The Screen(s)

Launching Multiple Secure92 Sessions
  1. Open lccToolBook (see link below)
  2. Click: LCC Apps/Tools (either left pane, or tabs top/right)
  3. Click: Secure92
  4. Log into Secure92 as normal
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 for as many sessions as you would like
To Use lccToolBook, See How To Find lccToolBook

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