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How do I change my LCC network password?
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The same username/password that logs you in to the LCC network will provide access to the G Suite (Google) of applications. Password changes are all handled through the LCC Information Directory (LID). LID will change your password for both your LCC computer/network account and your LCC G Suite (Google) account. Below are the the password requirements and instructions to change your password.

Acceptable Passwords
New passwords should be strong passwords. A strong password:

  • WILL contain at least 12 characters in length
  • WILL contain at least one uppercase character (e.g. A-Z)
  • WILL contain at least one lowercase character (e.g. a-z)
  • WILL contain at least one numerical character (e.g. 0-9)
  • SHOULD contain at least one special character (e.g. >!@#$%^&*()-=_+[]\{}|:;',"/?)

Password Guidelines
Remember the following guidelines:

  • The first character of the password cannot be "whitespace" (e.g., a space, tab, enter, etc.).
  • The last character of the password cannot be "whitespace" (e.g., a space, tab, enter, etc.).
  • Use a unique password for each account you have.
  • Use a password that you will remember.
  • Whenever possible, choose a password that uses the most number of characters possible. A password's security increases with its length.
  • Using a passphrase is the safest option. Passphrases are strings of words or text that are longer than traditional passwords, such as "DuckDodgersInThe24.5thCentury."
  • NEVER allow your Internet browser to "remember" your username and password.
  • NEVER share your passwords with anyone.
  • Avoid using the following as passwords:
    • Dictionary words
    • Names (including names of pets and best friends)
    • Dates (especially birthdays and anniversaries)
    • Sequences (e.g., qwerty, 12345)
    • Repetitions (e.g., aaaaa, 00000)
    • Obvious or commonplace passwords or passphrases (e.g., password, password1, letmein, OpenSesame, etc.)

Change Your Password
For security purposes, you should change your password periodically.
  1. Visit this page: Change Your Password
  2. Enter the username you use to login to your computer
  3. Enter YOUR CURRENT password
  4. Click the SUBMIT button
  5. Enter a new password, OR click the Recommend a Password button
    1. OR, use another password generator such
  6. Click the Update Account button

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