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ctcLink MFA: How to Manage Your ctcLink Multifactor Options
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In order to protect the information contained in ctcLink, ctcLink requires multifactor authentication to sign in. SBCTC uses Okta to manage the multifactor authentication process for ctcLink.

NOTE: Okta and ctcLink are two separate applications. Updating your contact information (like your phone number) in one application DOES NOT change or update your information in the other. If you need to update your phone number used for multifactor authentication, it must be updated in Okta (not ctcLink).

The following resources provide more information about Okta and ctcLink multifactor authentication.

Manage Your Multifactor Recovery Options
  • Sign in to Okta - login here to set your multifactor preferences (
    • NOTE: This login page looks like a ctcLink login page. The username and password to sign in are your ctcLink ID and ctcLink password. However, once you sign in, you will be taken to the Okta page.

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