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ADC 144B - Audiovisual Guide
Last Updated 2 years ago

Turn on the Computer

  1. Turn the switch on the wireless keyboard to the “on” position. It should show green.
  2. Move the mouse/touchpad cursor, or press a key on the keyboard a few times to wake up the computer.

Turn on the TV

  1. Reach behind the LOWER RIGHT-HAND corner to locate the toggle joystick.
  2. Press the toggle joystick to turn on the TV.
    1. The toggle also functions as a joystick for other TV menu functions.

Login and Use the Computer

  1. Login with a username and password when the login screen appears.

Logoff and Turn off the TV

  1. When finished, please only LOG OFF the computer. NEVER shutdown the computer.
  2. Turn off the TV using the toggle joystick.

Controlling the Volume

  1. Adjust the TV’s volume by moving the toggle joystick to the left or right.
  2. Mute or adjust the computer’s volume using the keyboard or touchpad.

To print this guide, see the ADC 144B Audiovisual Guide

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