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How To Email Groups of People
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How To Email Groups of People

Sending Messages to Groups of People:
Lower Columbia College has several distribution lists available for your use. These are:
  • – All faculty, staff and students. This list also includes some “non-employee” accounts such as people working in the University Center. This list includes more than 4,000 email accounts and its use should be reserved for only the most important messages.
  • – All students
  • – All LCC employees
  • – All exempt, full time, and part time staff (excluding faculty members)
  • – Only exempt staff
  • – Both full time and part time, hourly staff
  • – Only full time, classified staff
  • – Only part time, hourly staff
  • – Both full time and adjunct faculty
  • – Only adjunct faculty
  • – Only full time faculty
Use Blind Carbon Copy to Prevent “Reply All” Responses to Your Messages:
Instead of using the “To” or “Cc” lines to enter email addresses, try the Blind Carbon Copy. Then people can reply to your message without having their responses go to all of the original recipients.
  1. Click either the “To…” or “Cc…” button at the top of your message (next to the “Send” button)
  2. When the Address Book pops up, enter email addresses in the “Bcc ->” section at the bottom (known as Blind Carbon Copy)
Add LCC to the Subject Line:
When you send a message to a group of people such as LCC.Campus, it would be nice to add “LCC” to the front of the subject line. This helps your intended recipients distinguish it from all the spam messages in their inboxes and potentially reduces the spread of computer viruses.
EXAMPLE: Subject: LCC - Email Etiquette to Mitigate Computer Viruses

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