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Adobe: Add an Electronic Signature with Adobe Fill and Sign
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Accepting Electronic Signatures:

In accordance with Washington State’s Electronic Signature Guidelines, Lower Columbia College has adopted an eSignatures and Submissions policy. Any department that wants to accept electronic signatures should submit a request for approval. After a risk assessment has been completed on the specific process or transaction for which electronic signatures is requested, an appropriate type of electronic signature will be assigned to that process or transaction.

Using Adobe Fill and Sign:

If approval is granted to use Adobe Fill and Sign, then electronic signatures can begin to be used immediately. For most internal college processes that require an employee’s or supervisor’s signature for approval, the Fill and Sign function that is built-in to Adobe Acrobat Reader is sufficient. Simply email the document to the person whose signature is required and ask them to electronically sign the document with Adobe Acrobat Reader and return the signed version. Include a link to this knowledgebase article for instructions on how to use Adobe Fill and Sign to electronically sign a document.

Link to this article:

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For the rest of the instructions on how to use Adobe Fill and Sign, refer to this knowledgebase article.

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