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Email Message: Last Chance: Renew your free FlashAlert account
Last Updated 2 years ago

Lower Columbia College uses FlashAlert to inform the media about campus closures and other emergencies. Individuals can sign up to receive this information directly from FlashAlert, but they must login periodically to confirm they are still interested in receiving the messages. FlashAlert sends out reminder messages when it is time to login. These are legitimate emails. They are not phishing attempts.

Subject: Last Chance: Renew your free FlashAlert account...

Importance: High

You have a FlashAlert Messenger account to receive news (such as weather closures) from Lower Columbia College. Please read on to continue using this free service.

You have not logged into your account in the last year. Please go to, enter your password, and login. Accounts that have not been updated will be closed.

If you don't like clicking on links, you can go to and click on "Manage Your Messenger Subscription."

Customer Support Agent

PS - Do you know of other local organizations that could benefit from FlashAlert’s comprehensive news distribution and low cost? Please let them know about FlashAlert!

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