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IT Updates - 201909, SEPT 2019
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-- From: Brandon Ray, Director of IT Services                                                      

Fun Facts:
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Current Projects:
  • IT Services is deploying Windows 10 and Office 2016.
  • IT Services is is working on upgrades for the Navigate Advising application.
  • IT Services is working on the statewide ctcLink (PeopleSoft) project.
  • IT Services is working on the Main Building remodel.
Completed Projects:
  • IT Services completed a project to improve the security of its backup data in case of a ransomware attack.
  • IT Services isolated the document imaging system to improve security.
  • IT Services decommissioned an old web server.
  • IT Services added a new Head Start building to the network at Barnes elementary school in Kelso.
  • IT Services completed the access control project in the Main building.
  • IT Services moved the Math Achievement Center, Testing Center, Test Proctoring Center and a number of offices into the remodeled Main building.
  • IT Services opened 13 classrooms in the Main building that were remodeled with new audiovisual equipment.
  • IT Services upgraded two conference rooms in the Main building to include audiovisual and videoconferencing equipment.
  • IT Services setup a new phone tree for Student Services to quickly route incoming calls, including calls from individuals who speak Spanish, to the most appropriate person who can help.
  • IT Services expanded wireless network coverage in the Admissions and Vocational buildings.
  • IT Services completed the critical requests for the Navigate Advising project.
Service Request Statistics in August 2019:
  • Opened: 262
  • Resolved: 233
  • Unresolved: 100
  • Average time to resolve requests in the last 90 days: 2 Days, 6 Hours (at end of day 9/25/2019)
  • For current statistics, view the IT Services Quality of Service page.
-- September 2019

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