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Connect to LCC's Network Remotely from an LCC Mobile Device
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How to Connect to LCC's Network Remotely from an LCC Mobile Device

College employees who are away from the college might occasionally need to connect to the college network through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to perform some work. To conserve resources, VPN connections should only be used for tasks that cannot be accomplished otherwise.
  • Applications that DO NOT require a VPN connection include: internet use, email, ctcLink, and Zoom.
  • Applications that do require a VPN include: BLUMEN, Edconnect, EDExpress, eJAS, and Secure92.
Note: Before getting started, you will need to submit a service request to IT Services to request remote access using your network account.

Steps for quick reference are listed below. For additional information, see the article Connect to LCC's Network Remotely from an LCC Mobile Device. You must be logged into Google with your account.

  1. Login to the laptop
  2. Open the Cisco AnyConnect application
  3. Enter at the "Ready to Connect" prompt
  4. Click the Connect button
  5. Enter your LCC network username and password (e.g. gjetson)
  6. Click the OK button
    1. When the connection is established, a "VPN Connected" message will appear.
  7. Open the Remote Desktop (or Remote Desktop Connection) icon.
  8. Set the Computer to: Click here for the settings.
  9. Click the Connect button.
  10. Login with your LCC username and password
NOTE: When you have a remote connection established, you will only be able to browse the internet from within the virtual desktop. You will not be able to browse the internet using the local computer.

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