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Gmail: Send an Email to a Group of People
Last Updated 8 months ago

In Google Workspace, contacts and labels can be used to create email groups or distribution lists. For additional information, see Google Contacts: Create an Email Distribution List.

Once the label (or group) has been created, it can be used in Gmail to send messages.
  1. Open Gmail
  2. Click on Compose
  3. Click on To
  4. Click My Contacts (it is on the right side)
  5. You will see All Contacts, and under that is a list of your labels (groups)
  6. Select the label you want to use
  7. Click the box next to Select All (or, select individual addresses if you do not want to include everyone in the list)
  8. Finally, click Insert on the bottom right of the page (it is written in white, in the blue banner)
  9. The addresses will populate in the To field

Keywords: email group, distribution list, contact, label

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