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Microsoft Outlook: How to Add the "In Folder" Column
Last Updated 5 years ago

In Outlook you might want to add the ability to see what folder a message is in. This is most useful when doing searches in Outlook. (This column will remain empty in normal view, unless viewing results from a search.)

Follow the steps below to add the "In Folder" column to all folders in Outlook.

  • Open Outlook and ensure you are on your Inbox
  • Click the View tab in the menu bar (at top)
  • Find the "View Settings" button, and click it (usually second button from the left hand side)
  • This will bring up the "Advanced View Settings..." window; click the "Columns" button at the top
  • The second dropdown at the top is "Select available columns from:", click this and choose "All Mail fields"
  • Scroll down in the left column titled "Available columns:", find "In Folder" and click it, then click the "Add ->" button in the middle.
  • Click "OK" on the "Show Columns" window.
  • Click "OK" on the "Advanced View Settings..." window.
  • Optional
  • Find the "Change View" button (usually on the left hand side)
  • In the dropdown, choose "Apply Current View to Other Mail Folders"

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