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Gmail: How to View Full Email Headers
Last Updated a year ago

If you are having problems with your email, one common troubleshooting tool is a complete list of the message's headers. Headers show the path a message took to get from the sender to the recipient. The IT Service Desk or other technical support may ask you to provide a message's headers.

  • Open the message.
  • Click the small, downward-facing arrow next to the Reply arrow icon near the top right of the message window, just under the Subject of the message.
  • Select Show original. A separate window will open, showing a few summary rows at the top, then the complete message below.
If you need to copy the headers (to paste somewhere else),
  • Drag over the text from the beginning of the message (do not include the summary rows at the top) down to the beginning of the body of the message.
  • Press ctrl+c (on a Mac, command+c) on your keyboard; this copies the text to the clipboard.
  • With an email message or other document open, press ctrl+v (on a Mac, command+v) to paste the header text into that document.


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