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SimUText USB Installation Instructions from SimBio
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Read the SimUText USB Installation Instructions from LCC article BEFORE following the instructions on this page.

SimUText 2022-2023 Installation — Removable Drive edition
Last revised June 6, 2022
Version 2.17.0

For more information, please visit

This edition of SimUText is ONLY for installation on a removable USB device (Flash drive or "Thumb" drive) for use on computers on which you cannot install the program directly.

If you have administrator access to your own computer, please download and install the regular SimUText MSI installer file linked from your account home page on the SimUText web site (

To install this edition of SimUText on a USB drive:
  1. Plug the USB drive into your PC. It must have at least 300 Mb of free space on it.
  2. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to ‘My Computer’ (or ‘This PC’). Note the drive letter ("E:", etc.) for the USB drive you mounted.
  3. Return to the SimUText Installer and click Next from this screen to go to the Select Installation Folder screen.
  4. Use the drop-down box to select the drive letter of your USB drive. Click Next.
  5. At the Ready to Install screen, the Installation Folder should read "E:\SimUText" (assuming your USB drive letter is E:). Click Finish.
To launch SimUText from the USB drive on another computer:
  1. Mount the USB drive on the computer.
  2. In Windows Explorer, navigate to your USB drive. Open the SimUText folder and launch the SimUText application.
  3. Chapters will download to the SimUText/labs folder on your USB drive. If you move the device to another computer, you do not have to download the chapters again. Your work is stored on the SimUText System servers. You can log in to this version of the SimUText application on any computer to view or submit work.
Updating SimUText

Selected content in the SimUText desktop application can automatically update itself when revisions or corrections become available, without requiring students to agree to updates or manually delete and re-download modules.

Occasionally updates are needed for the SimUText application in order to provide the best possible experience for students and instructors. If, when you launch SimUText, you are prompted to update the application, please follow the instructions to save your work and to remove the old USB edition and download and install the new one.

About updating a USB installation

Refer to instructions online at

Removing SimUText

To remove the application and all downloaded chapter content:
  1. Go to Start->My Computer (or This PC).
  2. Navigate to your USB drive
  3. Drag the SimUText folder to the Recycling Bin.

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