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Tip Sheet: Multi-Factor Authentication
Last Updated 2 years ago

Have you noticed how often security breaches, stolen data, and identity theft are consistently front-page news these days? Perhaps you, or someone you know, are a victim of cyber criminals who stole personal information, banking credentials, or more. As these incidents become more prevalent, you should consider using multi-factor authentication, also called strong authentication, or two-factor authentication. This technology may already be familiar to you, as many banking and financial institutions require both a password and one of the following to log in: a call, email, or text containing a code. Therefore, CISA has made the following tip sheet available to help you apply these principles of verification to your personal accounts, such as email, social media, and more, so that you can better secure your information and identity online.
Originally retrieved from National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Resources

Keywords: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), multifactor, factor, 2-Step (2FA)

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