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Zoom: FERPA Guidelines
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Student privacy expectations for online meetings are the same as for meetings held in person in a classroom or another location. Students can be expected to interact with others in the same class section, but a student's personally identifiable information (PII) cannot be shared outside of that section. Below are some guidelines for ensuring privacy is maintained throughout a Zoom class meeting.

  • Use secure Zoom meetings with students. Zoom’s default settings will ensure your meetings are secure. As long as you leave those settings unchanged, your room can only be accessed by students with the link. Post your Zoom link only in the class Canvas page; don’t email it to students or post it anywhere else.
  • A FERPA "education record" is created when a student's name and personally identifiable information are recorded. Education records are subject to FERPA protection. You can avoid this by stopping your recording before interactive discussions, or reading student questions and comments without using student names. Having students connect using just their first names helps protect their identity.
  • If you need to record student voices, names, or personal information, the recording can only be shared within the same class section. If you teach a class that always includes recording and sharing student information/participation (e.g. performing arts), follow the same procedure you use in a face-to-face class setting.
  • Report suspected breaches. If you suspect that someone other than an enrolled student entered your Zoom classroom (or tried), submit a report: LCC Make a Report.
Questions? Check out the training and resources available from the eLearning team on how to making the most out of Zoom while staying safe: LCC eLearning - Securing Your Zoom Session

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