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Google Drive: Create a Shared Drive and Share Documents on the Internet
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How to use Google Shared Drives to Share Documents on the Internet

Lower Columbia College has setup a domain online at Google so that faculty and staff can use Google Workspace applications. This domain complies with FERPA so that faculty and staff can safely share information with others who need access to that information and have a right to know.

Google Workspace has a feature called Shared Drives. In your account (Google Drive), you can create a Shared Drive and share it with other people in your department, employed at the college--and even visitors to the website. No individual owns this folder. If one person from the team leaves the college--even if all the members of the team leave the college--the folder continues to exist. Another benefit of Shared Drives is that Google administrators have the ability to restore them (within a limited time period) if they are accidentally deleted.

First, login to Google Workspace:
  1. Login to your Google Workspace account
  2. Select Google Drive
Second, create a shared folder or a shared drive. Third, share the document. * Sharing a document with a link is the preferred method for sharing documents with students.

REMINDER: If you share a drive or document with another employee, use his or her account (NOT or another address). The college domain is and that is where employees will login to access these shares.


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