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IT Updates - 201809, SEP 2018
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-- From: Brandon Ray, Director of IT Services                                                       

Important Notices:
  • Oct. 26 @ 6:00pm - Oct. 27 @ noon: IT Services will upgrade servers; network services will be unavailable periodically; downtime will be minimal.
Future Projects:
  • IT Services plans to migrate faculty and staff email to Google's "G Suite Mail" application.
  • IT Services is researching options to replace the Document Management solution.
Current Projects:
  • IT Services is troubleshooting the Time and Leave Reporting application.
  • IT Services is deploying Windows 10 and Office 2016.
  • IT Services is is working with EAB to upload data into the EAB Navigate application for the Guided Pathways initiative.
  • IT Services continues to troubleshoot the wireless microscopes for use with mobile devices in the Health and Science Building.
Completed Projects:
  • IT Services upgraded the security camera server to improve its search functions.
  • IT Services installed an outside emergency notification speaker at Barnes to cover the Head Start play area.
  • IT Services worked with the Finance department to streamline searching through general ledger transactions.
  • IT Services developed an application to filer and import Clearinghouse degree data. This application was shared with all community and technical colleges in Washington.
Service Request Statistics in August 2018:
  • Opened: 281
  • Resolved: 294
  • Unresolved: 79
  • Average time to resolve requests in the last 90 days: 1 Day, 23 Hours (at end of day 9/21/2018)
  • For current statistics, view the IT Services Quality of Service page.
-- September 2018

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